Luis Carlos Vargas: „What is behind all this „pandemic” caused by the Human Being?”

Luis Carlos Vargas: „What is behind all this „pandemic” caused by the Human Being?”

What is behind all this „pandemic” caused by the Human Being?

What did you allow it for?

Beloved Son, I am your Source of Being that I dwell in you and in each and every one of the incarnated children on your planet. I allowed it because it is necessary that they become aware of the direction their own life is taking. A life aimed at a Meaningless, lost in the bustle of banal things, without taking the time to value themselves, to value their own families and life itself. Feeling the distance between you to mitigate the risk of contaminating yourself even among loved ones; to feel what it is like not to give a hug to your loved one, to your mother and father, to run into an inescapable truth that it is not necessary to have so many things wasting money just to fill your existential void. Feel and live the crisis of no longer being able to leave and open their hearts to love, patience, tolerance, compassion, the understanding that space must be shared 24 hours a day, in service with love in responsibilities or activities at home.

Even more so, review your own life and initiate an internal reflection that leads you to the truth that has been forgotten for many years and that I leave you here posed in the form of a question: Who are each of you?

Yes, Beloved Son, by losing the compass of life, they have dedicated themselves to attacking each other, in political, business, academic, social, scientific, health, education, family, religious, among others. They attack each other to see who is the strongest, forgetting that they all come from the same place, that they were born to a mother and that the father planted his seed, also that they were once children. And they decide as adults that the only thing that matters is to conquer the world according to the role they have either in the political, economic, social, religious, even being the one who wants to control everything and everyone regardless of whether they are their loved ones or not. Because the simple fact that it is known to be successful and financially powerful.

They forgot an unwavering law, the law of cause and effect or also called the law of sowing and reaping. So they make their decisions or act without thinking about the results that it will bring them in the near or distant future and what do they believe? That they never imagined that this circumstance that they are experiencing worldwide would present itself, and it appeared unexpectedly and they had no choice but to follow instructions to take shelter to avoid becoming infected and spreading the contagion.

Now many are losing what they have gained so much in previous years and are experiencing the fear that it will happen to them and their families, what they will face.

Those who had „lost” everything in previous years did not make this circumstance so strong, because many were beginning or have advanced in remembering, embracing with their hearts who they are and has been filling them with the certainty that they will be fine. Of course, they sometimes feel uncertain or uneasy about their near future.

So, My Son, through your Beings of Light that protect each one of you, along with the changes in the vibration that your planet earth is moving by raising and lowering it a little, to increase it again until it stabilizes at a higher level, from when this „pandemic” started. Furthermore, this „pandemic” was like a wave that began in a place in the East and spread to all countries.

Moreover, each one is opening his inner vision in the most convenient way for his highest good. Also at the family, community and country level. This is because each of these levels has a life purpose that has to align with that of other parts of the world and in turn with that of humanity as a whole.

Only in this way will they be able to flay this miasma generated by their unconscious and irresponsible acts. Only in this way will the knowledge, learning and wisdom come that will make them change their way of living and have a true meaning in their life. Many of you are becoming more aware every day of the attitudes and behaviors of your leaders in different fields, including religious, who are clinging to their beliefs and visions of life, seeking to maintain or apply formulas from the past. They are so attached to this along with their arrogance and arrogance that it is leading them into chaos and many others to follow them without being objective and consciousness, it is as if they have sold their soul and own power to those leaders. Also forgetting, as I mentioned above, that there is a law of sowing and reaping, for later when it may be too late, they wonder why I am living all this, seeing many others living better life circumstances.

Many will truly understand and awaken to the truth of who they are, that they are Children of the Source of Life that were manifested in an individualized way and that they are beings of infinite value, love, peace, joy coupled with the certainty that all will be provided with everything. What they need in this new, conscious, peaceful life focused on the well-being of all, without having to fight to belong to a more affluent “social class”, because that will no longer have value. They will express the Consciousness of the Spirit in everything they think, feel, express and act.

You will become aware that you are Unlimited Beings, Co-Creators together with the Universal Source. The result is Spiritual Growth and Evolution, which is nothing more than the expansion of Consciousness and Love on this planet, which will spread like a wave throughout the galaxy and even beyond.

Be aware that you are brothers in the essence that dwells in you and that’s what you do to others will come back to you like a boomerang regardless of which side of duality you are on, that of love or fear.

They have a long way to go, this „pandemic” will be temporary or short if and only if they have learned the lesson, which by the way you created yourself, individually and collectively. But the consequences are not a punishment, but a loving action so that they could learn, there will be many more lessons according to the seeds that they sowed individually and collectively, this because they all form a unit.

It is time for silence and stillness their minds so that they can on the one hand become aware and co-create with me an Era of Love and Peace and receive the knowledge and wisdom of their Father-Mother Life or Universal Source and be Love and Peace. As if it was a spring of water that springs from the earth, its heart being the earth from which Love and Peace springs.

So Beloved Son, today’s message for you and others.

The Guardian Angel of Luis Carlos Vargas who transmitted the message of the Source of Being within you.

Amen Blessed are you and all your brothers incarnate.

April 29,2020


Luis Carlos Vargas

Luis Carlos Vargas

Executive Coach and Life & Spiritual Mentor

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