Juan Pablo Cangas: „Check out this weird pivot idea”

Juan Pablo Cangas: „Check out this weird pivot idea”

Check out this weird pivot idea: from travel/tourism to e-commerce

I recently had a call with someone that was somewhat related to the tourism industry, and he decided to reinvent his business by pivoting to E-commerce.

He started selling merchandise for his business.

He did a quick test for selling hats with the logo of his brand, launched it on his social media, and he was able to sell a few of those hats. He realized that people actually care and want to buy his merchandise which features his brand, because they love it.

Performing a pivot like that in your market could be a good option for you.

E-commerce is huge these days, because everyone is online and everyone is buying things online, because offline commerce is pretty much dead.

If you can open a second revenue stream through E-Commerce, that could help you very well survive this time period, or at the very least add some cashflow so you have a stronger position for when things start to improve in the travel/tourism industry.

… to be continued

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