Jeffrey Wibisono V.: „Mentorship in Boutique Hotel Concepting and Operating”

Jeffrey Wibisono V.: „Mentorship in Boutique Hotel Concepting and Operating”

In my past career, I always got an assignment to list down SWOT – Strength, Weakness, Opportunities, Threats during the annual Budget and Marketing Plan projects. After SWOT, then continue to search and renew the USP – Unique Selling Proposition of the hotel and the outlets. I enjoyed these tasks. And most companies I worked with were count on me, and even, some companies still use the lines. Specific functions that I have to do with all of my efforts to present them into realistic data and very close to accurate to be implemented in a strategic company action plan.

This specific job background forms and gives me enjoyment to focus more on developing USP. Creative work. Until finally, one hotel’s owner to me and give me a challenge in creating new theme hotel concepts. I involved in overall development, from the name of the hotel and the outlets, architecture,  operational and service models. That was one of my stepping stones and the discovery of my passion for doing further in Boutique-hotels. Precisely, the boutique hotel qualifications must be less than 100 rooms, Small Luxury to minimum four-starred hotel.

Currently, as a mentor, trainer and public speaker, I carry a brand of myself as a Real-Life Situation Trainer. Here I emphasize the importance of the old school hotel operation system as a foundation before going into modifying service then level up to boutique service.


The role of old-school hotel operations consists of three primary duties are Planning, Management and Control. Equipped with this basic knowledge, I gradually became a practitioner General Manager who established as a specialist and expert in Pre-Opening Boutique Hotels and Villas.

Of course, I have to manage to write the Hotel Manual as valuable preparation. In which it contains Job Description, Policies & Procedures, and Standard Operating Procedure – the development of basic ideas, concepts, developing, evaluating, setting-up, promoting and implementing.

During those said process, until the implementation in daily operations works, of course, I must involve team members who are specific in their fields from all divisions and departments.




Jeffrey Wibisono

Bali, 16 August 2020

Jeffrey Wibisono V.

Senior Vice President at TRSid, PT – Jakarta, Indonesia

An author and Commercial Writer

A founder of „Telu” Hospitality Learning and Consulting

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