Jeffrey Wibisono V.: „Live and Let Live”

Jeffrey Wibisono V.: „Live and Let Live”

Live and Let Live

There is a saying. Let’s hang-in there today to welcome tomorrow’s life. However, what I can say about COVID-19 is a Live and Let Die. This statement is kind of if you wrong COVID-19 then the virus kills you. If we cross COVID-19, there is a price to pay. And that price is generally our life. COVID-19 is the global threat within the first half of 2020. Officially COVID is the acronym for the full name coronavirus disease of 2019.

Today on 2nd week of July 2020, to my thinking, it is about time we „Live and Let Live”, which means live your life in your way and let other people do the same. Now is the time for us to live generally according to health interests and to coexist with economic benefits to continue living with all the importance of income and expenditure transactions. We shall not let the unexpected failure because of the outbreak stop us from pursuing our dreams dan goals. Learn from our mistakes, and keep going because the right path is sometimes not the easiest one. Be responsible for our own life for others.

I live in Bali – Indonesia, where 82 % of Balinese make their living from the tourism business sector. I am working in a hospitality-industry related technology-company which develop digital platforms for Bali exclusively and Indonesia in general. Bali’s tourism-dependent economy got hit very hard down until zero income since the government decided to close all borders on 24 April 2020 by stopping all types of international access transportation also between islands to prevent the spread of Corona Virus. Hotels suspend operations, but the entire ecosystem includes areas that cause a crowd such as recreational parks. All sectors in the industry are now really experiencing difficulties; all we have to do is waiting for the pandemic to end. Another approach is currently ongoing, from 1 July 2020, some hotels and restaurant are preparing for re-opening by implementing a permanent health protocol according to UNWTO guidelines. Economically, the current situation is the worst ever comparing to when the Bali bombings and the eruption of Mount Agung. It means we say no tourists, no money. Life in Bali continues to run with the term now normal while trying always to be ready to welcome incoming tourist visits at the earliest. We are all waiting for the global government’s decision with good hopes. A lot of us are also in a challenging economic situation by only staying at home during WFH status. Most of our income is only enough for daily food; therefore, for living a lot of tourism practitioners in Bali convert their activities by selling food or other primary living needs to survive. We are struggling but surviving to-date.

In first-half of 2020, we spent so much time worrying and waiting for something bigger and better so-called New Normal where the solution of those beyond our knowledge and authorities. Life is so fragile, and all it takes is a single moment to change everything, we take for granted. Now. Yes it is from now, let us focus on what is essential by controlling our own life for others. Live our life and leave no regrets.



Jeffrey Wibisono

Bali, July 2020

Jeffrey Wibisono V.

Senior Vice President at TRSid, PT – Jakarta, Indonesia

An author and Commercial Writer

A founder of „Telu” Hospitality Learning and Consulting


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